Brummbar + Bastler = Bastlerbar *

Q: What is this website?
A: A collection of Links and Information related to common computer work I do.

This website gives me a common repository I can refer friends to.
I hope you find some useful items.


The links are almost always for items free to download.
That was the point of this website - Free Info, Help and Software.
Free does not mean junk! :)
Please consider a donation to the companies/authors if you find their work useful!




* Bastlerbar is just a made up word

Brummbar = German for grumbly grumpy bear
Bastler = German for fiddling or tinkering person

Bastlerbar = A grumpy tinkering hobbyist. :)

Other Sites

Computer, OS, and Websites

  • BearNET Servers
    <Requires User Login>
    Namecheap, OTTO, and system specific help
  • Quirky Items
    Old Messy Website - (Google Sites)
    Old OS, Alternative OS, Abandonware, Old Harware, Etc.


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