Content Management Systems - (Database Method)

Create Blogs, Webpages, or entire Website(s) of Content

Content Management Systems are used on many websites.
Content Management allows ways to control the posting and developement.
For example, you can assign specific sections of your website(s) to different teams or individuals.
You can decide on templates and themes used on broad sections of your site.
Many other options as well.

The downside, the more complicated it gets the more you have to learn to administrate.


In broad strokes here is my opinion of three common ones and the links.
I have worked with them FOR DIFFERENT JOBS. (One size fits none. ;p )

Worpress is something anyone can use relatively easily from install.
Joomla and Drupal require a little time to assimilate.
Not so much "hard" as requiring the discipline of allowing a bit of extra time to setup and learn at first.

The point of these methods is administration.
You save time by distributing workload and/or the ease of adding and editing content.
It all becomes faster after intial setup and a bit of use.



My Personal Favorite for Larger Jobs


This link above is for a paid fully supported install.

MODX  is available as an open source install as well.

There is lots of documentation and help so don't be affraid to try it then buy it.   You will decide to purchase or not depending on your needs.  

Best Match: Single to Multiple users, several to many pages.
Structure AND Appearance are first rate.
Some learning curve but well worth it.
Excellent community to get that done for you.
Powerful CMS for all kinds of jobs.

My one gripe with MODX is related as much to internet browsers deal with things as much as it does with MODX.   The default install of MODX is very gripey with the way browsers cache items.   Updates to MODX require me to purge my cache and update my pages when I do edits.   I know I need to learn how to make all of that work better.   I'm almost positive that MODX can do it all and it definetly seems easier and more intuitive than Drupal or Joomla in most ways.


Best Match: Single user (or few users), fewer pages.
Mountains of help, users, add-ins, and documention.
Straightforward ways to blog and make static pages for a new user.
Less administrivia than other CMS - BUT - still to much administrivia for what it gets used for.
Few options for group administration and other multi user items until you add them.
Will do 95% of what most single users want to do.
Gets all of this done with more fiddly bits than any simple blog should have BUT there is version of a plug in or add on to anything you need done.


This part is going to make Wordpress disciples pissy but this is my webpage so I get to have my opinion.

!!! Wordpress is often being used for jobs that should be done a different way !!!

90% of the time Worpress is like using a food processor to stir a bowl of soup.
Get a good spoon instead. (see Compact CMS above).

Learn to code a little and keep things simple and lean.   WordPress is too much solution for too little problem almost all of the time.

To be clear - I actually like Wordpress -  just not for most of what people decide to use it for.

If you like Wordpress - COOL - you understand what blogging and personal CMS can do. Your a smart cookie!
But I also honestly think that means you have skills you could be putting to use on a better instrument for your purposes.  


Best Match: Single to Multiple users, several to many pages.
Emphasis on appearance.
Some minor quibbles on structuring - it does it all but sometimes you'll need some help.
Excellent community to get that done for you.
Powerful CMS for big jobs.


Best Match: Single to Multiple users, many to insane number of pages.
Emphasis on structure. Some minor quibbles on formatting for appearance - it does it all but sometimes you'll need some help.
Lots of help from a really good user community.
Mega Powerfull CMS that can handle MONSTER jobs.






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