Content Management - Compact - Flat File Method

Create a Blog, Webpage or a Website of Content

Q: What the heck is 'flat file'?
A: Content stored as simple files and folders.  Most Content Management Systems (CMS) store most of the webpage on a database. (SQL or similar).  That's fine but usually not neccessary for simple websites.  

The advantage: Simple to install. Much easier to add content specific to a customized install.  Only requires the knowledge of common website knowledge.  CSS, HTML, and PHP.   Your not learning the byzantine internal structures and making things with odd template coding.  


In short - They open briskly and usually have a structure that is easy to understand.


The disadvantage: Meant for smaller amounts of content. Think roughly less than 50 pages (not a hard rule - varies a fair bit.)
The point is your content is not indexed or searched in ways that are as varied.
(Really doesn't matter if you don't need/use heavy database features.)

For common static websites or straight blogs these are just as good and in my opinion better.
You don't use a sledge hammer to drive a finishing nail. :)
My Opinions (I only comment on ones I have tried and used a bit)

Get Simple CMS

Easy install - lot's of premade templates. Straightforward to style as needed. Wiki and Support forum are good.  My only gripe is this great content manager is getting a little old.   


Razor CMS

Best Match: Single user to several users. Super user account and multiple admin / user accounts for site maintenance as needed.

I previously posted...."Having a hiccup installing - BUT - I'm pretty sure I goobed this."
Actually I didn't really mess up but just had to learn some particulars about the way my webhost works.
They do not allow temporary assignment of 777 read/write permissions on folders.
The built in installer just wasn't going to work with my server.

That wasn't an issue because manual install was a breeze.

1) unzip the main zip file.
2) unzip the parcel file.
3) copy contents of the parcel zip file to your server
4) visit the admin end, login with razor as user and password
5) change username and password

Seems to be "mature" with lots of themes, add-ins, and support.  It's a little "cruchy" because it's older.


The following section will be links for compact CMS Flat File systems I have installed but not completely evaluated yet. It's for CMS systems that seemed promising.  Right now I don't have anything here as life has gotten in the way of living.  :)
I'll updates with comments when I get a chance to fiddle with them a bit.




Please note - there are GAZILLION compact CMS installs available. I'm just trying to evaluate a few of the more popular ones. This is not comprehensive in any way.

Steer yourself towards CMS Critic for more CMS talk, compact and large.  More reviews and opinions than any human needs. :P

Until I have time to work with some