Website Applications and Utilities

Stuff for your website
File Management

Move items around and to/from your website with ease.
You can use the features of FTP from a brower window


Put Your Data in Orbit (formally Ajaxplorer)

Website File Management in a Browser Window.
I use this application - it's actually pretty cool! :)
Fairly easy to use for newbies.

Photo Gallery / Lightbox

Upload and Display pictures


Photo Gallery Creation and Management.
I really like this application! Easy to use for newbies. Great features for everyone.

Files and Folders are kept in actual real folders seperate from database content used to maintain content.
Creates thumnails and publishes a folder a photo album automatically after some very easy setup.

More Sever Applications

Other Stuff for your Website


SonarQube is an open platform to manage code quality.


RoundCube is an excellent web browser based email client.


Other Sites

Computer, OS, and Websites

  • BearNET Servers
    <Requires User Login>
    Namecheap, OTTO, and system specific help
  • Quirky Items
    Old Messy Website - (Google Sites)
    Old OS, Alternative OS, Abandonware, Old Harware, Etc.


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