Setup of a Computer

Essential Programs for a Windows OS Computer



Avast Anti-Virus

Excellent Anti-Virus. I use this one.
Updates frequently (several time a day at times) but doesn't interfere with your work.
Ability to scan all files before bootup is REALLY useful.

AVG Anti-Virus

Several friends use this and I concur - good anti-virus software. AVG also has a very useful rescue disk to try if your hard drive will not boot or you need to scan for a virus without loading the Operating System. AVG Rescue CD

Avira Anti-Virus

Another one several friends use. It's good but I prefer others. HOWEVER, can be useful on older computers as it is lighter on resources.

Microsoft Security Essentials.
Adequate, light on utility, acceptable. Any of the choices above are better BUT much improved and I consider it acceptable.  I don't remove it if someone is using it and they like it.



I find the firewall in Windows to be quite acceptable for most situations.
There are some good aftermarket ones you may wish to try.

Zonelabs Firewall

I used to use a version of this.  Worked well.

Comodo Firewall

Used this too.