Setup of a Computer

Free Programs for a Windows OS Computer


These are alternatives to Microsoft Defender Anti-Virus that are free.   

It's just an opinion and you may have other preferences.   I have used Avast and AVG and they are pretty decent especially for free software.   Microsoft Anti-Virus is pretty decent at this point so I don't remove it or worry about it if somone has it and likes it.   

I don't care for Norton anymore and I especially disklike McAfee but if somone is using them and they like it it's just fine.   I much prefer people use something they like and keep everything updated.      

Avast Anti-Virus

Excellent Anti-Virus. I use this one.
Updates frequently (several time a day at times) but doesn't interfere with your work.
Ability to scan all files before bootup is REALLY useful.

AVG Anti-Virus

Several friends use this and I concur - good anti-virus software. AVG also has a very useful rescue disk to try if your hard drive will not boot or you need to scan for a virus without loading the Operating System. AVG Rescue CD

Avira Anti-Virus

Another one several friends use. It's good but I prefer others. HOWEVER, can be useful on older computers as it is lighter on resources.





I find the firewall in Windows to be quite acceptable for most situations.
There are some good aftermarket ones you may wish to try.

Zonelabs Firewall

I used to use a version of this.  Worked well.

Comodo Firewall

Used this too.