Repair a Windows computer system or browser damaged by malware/spyware


Some of these programs may erase items in your registry or erase temporary files to their jobs.
That's not a bad thing, but just something to be a aware of.

- If your concerned about not mucking around with stuff your not comfortable with.
- If your computer skills are quite novice.
- If your using an office machine and your IT guys take of this for you.
....Some of these applications may not be for you.

Malware / Spyware Scanning and Removal


and a link to
malwarebytes free version
The way to use this is your choice.
I prefer a competent Anti-Virus program and use this if I think I need a supplemental scan.
It is very good at getting after malware.
(I don't like putting 'two diapers on the baby'. Other programs are better at strict antivirus and I say no to slapping this on top of another antivirus. It just makes things slower in my opinion - despite claims to the contrary -.)
You may have a different perspective and please do what you prefer.

Spybot Search and Destroy

Still useful Spware / Malware scanner and cleaner. I use this one when needed.
Old reliable that usually does the trick
Don't believe it when a newb says 'doesn't work as well as malwarebytes'.
It isn't meant to be used in the same way.
The definitions are kept up to date.
A boot time scan with this program is still an excellent way to clean many problems others will stumble on.

Virus Scanning and Removal from alternate startups

You can bypass booting Windows and boot from a CD or USB stick to perform a virus scan.
This will help with some 'nasties' that keep you from getting your system up before you can knock them out.
I recommend making a copy of these BEFORE you need them if you have only one computer. ;)

Kaspersky Rescue Disk

Scroll down the page and look for the free downloads.  There is a virus removal tool and a rescue disk among some other options.   The rescue disk boots a compact operating system and allows you to do many things besides just scanning for virus.  It may be a way to retrieve a vital file if your operating system is damaged or can not be repaired.

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