Connecting to Your PC Remotely


Help to setup the Remote Desktop app for a successful connection with Windows OS.

The Microsoft Remote Desktop app is built in on current releases of Windows.  You can also can also download an app from the Windows Store for older releases and some other operationg systems.

Here is the link for setup information from Microsoft. 

(Note: be careful when navigating the sidebar.  You may be redirected to information for installation of Remote Desktop on Windows Server.  The information may be useful but not specifically applicable to the Windows version you are using.  Navigate back to the link below if you get lost and carry on....)

Remote Desktop Services


Follow the instructions in sequence and take time to read the information.   It requires some configuration of the computer as well as the use of an Application.   


These links may be useful as a guide as well.



Using an extension to Chrome Browser


You can also access your desktop using an extension to the Chrome Web Browser


Chrome Remote Desktop

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